Our Story:

I worked for a company that manufactured their own hardwood flooring. During the manufacturing process, there were a lot of leftover scraps that were discarded. And it occurred to me, this is good quality wood (some of it Antique!), there must be something I could make to repurpose this so-called "garbage". 

I started gluing them up and making cutting boards. With each one, the process and quality was improved until, after giving one to every one of our family members, my wife finally insisted that we should start a business. In July 2013, we became Handcrafted Cutting Boards, LLC and it has been an amazing ride so far. 

We started small with selling to our friends, local markets and fairs. Then we were fortunate enough to have a booth at Augusta's Christmas Made in the South in 2013 and that made it real for us that we had a product that WAS indeed in demand and that people were looking for items that were locally made and made with quality. 

With every show came new customers, new contacts, and new friends. We have been so incredibly blessed to have the outpouring of support from everyone and we never could have done this without all of them. 

Over time, we have expanded our source material from just leftover hardwood flooring. We have repurposed solid wood crates, furniture, antique floor joists, and even pallets! We try to save items from the landfill so that they can used again and start a new life for another couple generations. 




So THANKS for visiting our site. Happy Shopping! Every item is unique so if you find that perfect Board, now is the time to buy.